EES 491:Educational Outreach on Sustainability and Energy

I was an intern at the Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) from August 2010-December 2010.  Throughout my internship, I designed and adapted lesson plans, taught elementary and middle school groups’ key concepts of sustainability and energy use, and was immersed in the process of educating about sustainability and energy.  I worked closely with Laurel Kohl and Laura Worthington at ISE, meeting weekly to discuss the work  I had thus far done and the next steps I would take.

Overall, this internship has been very interesting, educating, and beneficial to me. The virtue of this particular internship was that it could be adapted to suit my needs and interests. This resulted in me learning a lot about two fields I am interested in, namely education and sustainable energy.

As part of the internship I also wrote blog entries tracking my experiences.

Below are the documents I have used throughout my internship:

Internship Outline

Future Scenario Forms

Ecological Footprint Unit Plan

Layered Curriculum Lesson Plan

Ecological Footprint Calculator

Connecticut Lesson Plan Form

Calculator for Ecological Footprint

Connecticut Core Science Curriculum Framework

Keep Connecticut Cool 2011 flyer

Poster for Symposium

Connecticut’s Science Education Conference 2010 Program1

Twelve Steps to Sustainability for Windham Middle School



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