Appendix C: Interview Transcripts

Interview 1:

7B1 and 7B2 and KK

Date and Time: Friday November 15, 2013, 1:20 pm

KK: What did you like about the direct instruction: where I taught you directly and completing practice problems using paper and pencil? Not the video, but using direct instruction. How did you guys like that?

7B2: I didn’t really like that. I liked the computer better

KK: You didn’t like that.

7B2: No. I liked the computer better.

KK: You liked the computer better. How about you 7B1?

7B1: Same here.

KK: You like the computer better? Okay. What did you not like about…You just didn’t like it at all? Was there anything you did like about it?

7B2: Like for the writing?

KK: Yea like with the Direct Instruction where you had the packet. You did it at the beginning of the year [referring to 7B1] and you did it at the end [Referring to 7B2 having more recently started KAC]. So was there anything you did like about that? (7B2 shakes his head).

No? How about you 7B1? (7B1 also shakes his head.) Okay.

So what did you like best about using Khan Academy? (Interrupted by announcements). But what did you like about KA? You said you liked it better than the other instruction. What made it better?

1:30 7B2: Its digital?

KK: Move your hand away because I want to make sure. It’s what? You liked it because its digital?

7B2: Yea like pictures and stuff.

KK: How about you 7B1? What do you like better about it?

7B1: The teacher not the video.

KK: You like what? The teacher, not the video? The teacher, like the guy, or me the teacher?

7B1: The guy that did the video.

KK: So you like…

7B1: He instructed. (2:10) Detail.

KK: You like Salman Khan. He was very detailed. (Nods).

7B1: Why are you recording us?

KK: I want to have a record and I can’t write that fast.

KK: What did you like least about the video instruction on Khan Academy? Was there anything you didn’t like about it?

7B1: I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

KK: Okay how about you? Nothing bad?

7B2: It was kind of hard but not, yea.

KK: Okay so challenging? Okay.

7B1: It wasn’t challenging for me.

7B2: Yea it was.

KK: Sometimes. Yea sometimes it gave different types of problems. Like it would give harder problems. I noticed with some students it gave easier problems so that was kind of interesting.

KK: So what about the website design, and the layout. Was the website easy to go through and find stuff in or was it hard?

7B2: It was easy.

KK: How about you, 7B1?

7B1: Yea. It was easy.

KK: What about the layout of the videos? I know this is something that you mentioned? (Referring to 7B2). The layout of the video was just a black screen with just a multicolored writing and it was just like his voice (3:28) doing a voice over.

7B2, can you close the door all the way? I just don’t want it to get too.

So you mentioned that the whole video was just black and had multicolored writing on it. What did you like? Did you like that? Did you not like that?

7B2: Colorful. It was colorful.

KK: And you found that good?

7B2: Yea.

KK; Okay how about you 7B1. Did you like that? You know how the video was just black with writing on it.

7B1: Yea.

7B2: Instead of just like gray on a piece of paper.

KK: Okay. Um.

7B1: I liked it.

KK: Why did you like it? Was there anything about that set-up that you liked better than other videos you’ve seen?

7B1: Yea doing the paperwork. I liked how he explained it through.

KK: Okay. So the videos were easy to understand?

[Both give affirmative answers].

KK: Did the worksheets I gave, I always gave you a worksheet along with the video. Did that help you out to follow along with the video and…?

7B1: No, cause the guy was talking fast.

KK: The guy talked too fast?

7B1: Mmhmm.

KK: Okay. Did you ever pause the video or.

7B1: yea.

KK: So what did you do to sort of make up for that, the fact that the guy talked fast?

7B1: I try and guess.

KK: You tried and guessed?

7B1: Yea, [guess] what he said.

KK: Oh I see what you’re saying. Did you ever re-watch it again? (Shakes head no). How about you? Did the worksheet along with the video help you 7B2? (5:00)

7B2: Yea and his voice was deep and it was annoying.

KK: So you didn’t like his voice a lot? Okay.

If you use KA in the future would you rather use the video, the practice question, actually wait let’s make that a separate question. Did you like the practice section first of all, where you had to do five in a row before you could master it? You nodding your head no, 7B2, what do you…?

7B2: I would rather like do a whole test on the computer and then you check what was your score.

KK: Just see your score instead of having to do five in a row?

7B2: Yea.

KK: Cause I know, I don’t know if this happened with you 7B1, I think it did happen with you, where got a couple right, you get one wrong, then you have to five again right? So did you like doing five in a row? Did you not like it? (Shakes head no). Why not?

7B1: Just cause I like the videos better doing it. (Okay).No No No, I think the computer does.

KK: So on the computer you had the video part you had to watch and then you had to do five in a row. (6:16)

7B1: oh Yeah! I um I just liked the computer doing it.

KK: Okay. So in the future would you rather do just the video part, just the 5 in a row part, or both of them?

7B1: Just the video part.

KK: Okay. How about you 7B2?

7B2: I would rather do the video cause five in a row, you have to start over if you get one wrong.

KK: Right

7B1: Yea and that just stinks.

KK: Okay. What do like best, this is more of a general question about coming here and getting extra math help, what do you like best about it?

7B1: Homework.

KK: Getting your homework done, getting extra help with it.

7B1: Yea but I like doing other homework too. Besides just math, Cause workshop its part of if you come to math, if you get it done you don’t have to do it on the weekends or at home. Cause when you get home, you have to do it and its gunna save you, its gunna save you a lot of time, can’t spend time with your family and all that.

KK: And that was one of the reasons why I took you out of a special instead of taking you out of a workshop two times a week. Now that you kind of have that perspective would you rather be taken out of your workshop, I mean your special again?

7B1: No.

KK: See it’s a hard call. Um what about you? Do you like anything about coming to (7:45) get extra math help?

7B2: Same as him.

KK: So the homework aspect of it? What about if you could change anything about coming here what would you change?

7B1: Hm. The rules about the math homework. Just doing it.

KK: So being able to do homework besides math homework?

7B1: Yea.

KK: Okay, how about you 7B2?

7B2: Change something about the rules?

KK: Well, not the rules, but is there anything you don’t not like about coming to SRBI, about coming to extra math help?

7B2: I don’t like a lot of work.

KK: Because we have lots of practice that we do for different skills. Okay so I have two more questions for you guys. Sometimes, this is more true for the sixth graders I work with then for you guys, but the topics covered here ever overlap with what you guys were doing in math class?

7B2: yea once.

KK: In the beginning right? It overlapped with the um, did you guys like that? Did you find it confusing?

7B2: Uh uh.

KK: No? You didn’t find it confusing?

7B2: No, it was better cause you get to learn more than you do in the other class.

7B1: Same here.

KK: So you get more practice with it then? Good okay.

How about if you could choose being taught either through khan academy or through using direct instruction, where I taught you a skill then you practiced it, what would you rather do?

7B1: Khan Academy.

7B2: I would rather like do…what was the other one again.

KK: either the direct instruction, where I teach you a skill then you practice it. Or Khan Academy where he teaches you a skill through the video and then he has you practice.

7B2: You.

KK: Okay. And 7B1 why did you say Khan Academy?

7B1: Why?

KK: Yea and same thing with you 7B2, think about why you chose the direct instruction?

7B2: I chose it because he has an annoying voice.

KK: Okay. How about you, 7B1? Was it the video aspect of it? You really liked watching the videos?

7B1: Yea. Technology. I liked watching the videos.

KK: Okay and technology, like just being on the computer? Was it just using the computer in general? Or you liked practicing skills on the computer?

7B1: Both.

KK: Okay, so…

7B2: I would watch the video if the guy didn’t have a deep voice and into the speaker it was so loud.

7B1: Yea it was loud but I liked the voice.

KK: Okay,

7B1: Okay Math homework time.

KK: Um, yes. Now we are done. Do you guys have anything else you would like to say for posterity’s and saving your thoughts for all time? Anything you would like to add?

7B2: I want to change…

7B1: Thank You!

7B2: I want to change what times I come here. I like it when its workshop. But I want to come out of something else.

KK: SO I do take you out of reading class now, then out of>.

7B2: I’d rather get out of…


7B2: FCS, yea.

KK; The thing is you have it for a half a quarter, right, so if we pull you out of that, it’s only 22 days for FCS, so it’s a lot shorter for 7th graders, that’s why I usually pull them from workshop.

That’s it we’re done.






Interview 2:

6G2, 6G3, 6B4, 6B5 and KK

Date and Time: Tuesday November 19, 2013, 8:20 am

KK: Direct Instruction where I taught you and you would do a practice worksheet. My first question is what did you like about direct instruction where you used paper and pencil? What did you like about that? Why don’t we just go around, do you want to start 6B5?

6B5: Uh What was the question?

KK: [Repeats question]

6B5: It was very helpful. It was better than just looking at a worksheet and having to figure it out on your own.

KK: Okay. How about you 6G2?

6G2: It was helpful.

KK: Okay.

6G3: I agree with him.

KK: You all agree with 6B5. How about you 6B4?

6B4: It was helpful. It was better than doing it in my mind.

KK; It was better than doing it in your mind? Okay.

Was there anything you didn’t like about that, about having to do the worksheet, me modeling the problems, then having to do the practice problems? Is there anything you didn’t like? How about we start with you this time 6B4.

6B4: I thought it was kind of hard.

KK: Okay what made it hard?

6B4: Um Sometimes I didn’t know what to do.

KK Okay

6B4: And it took a long time.

KK: Okay to work through it. How about you 6G3?

6G3: (1:22): Nothing

KK; There was nothing you didn’t like? You liked it?

6G3: Yea.

KK: Okay. How about you 6G2?

6G2: Mm. Nothing.

6B5: Same as 6B4.

KK: Sometimes it was challenging?

6B5: Like last time, if there was something I didn’t know, I thought in my head, I couldn’t really figure it out.

KK: Okay.

6B5: It was [great?] if I didn’t know it that much.

KK: My next question is about Khan Academy. What did you like best about Khan Academy? I’m going to start with you 6G3 this time.

6G3: Wait what?

KK; {Repeats question]

6G3: On the video? I liked how he drawed the thing, and then you can copy it down, like write it.

KK: So how he visually drew it out on the video screen?

6G3: Yea.

KK: Okay. How about you 6G2?

6G2: I like how he showed all the work.

6B3: I never did it. (2:40ish)

KK: Right. We never got to it here. But you did do the practice problem part in math class right?

6B3: Well we started a video but then the bell rang and you…

KK: And we never got a chance to get back to it. How about you 6B5?

6B5: Good. I don’t know.

KK: There wasn’t anything you liked best about it?

6B5: No.

KK: Okay. The next question is asking you, kind of like before with the direct instruction, what did you like least about video instruction and Khan Academy? 6G2?

6G2: Mm. Nothing.

KK: You didn’t not like anything? 3:03

6G2: Mm. No.

KK: How about you 6B5?

6B5: Eh it was helpful.

KK: Okay. 6B4?

6B4: Same as 6B5.

KK: How was it helpful?

6B4: Like if you didn’t know how to do it he showed how you could.

6B5: I think he means helpful because I’m not a, like there are different types of things, you could do like, I’m more of a visual person to do it so that why I like the video.

KK: Right. Like there are visual learners, auditory learners, and people who learn best by working with their hands. And 6G3.

6G3: Wait, what was the question?

KK: The question was [repeats question].

6G3: 3:58 Um I do not know.

KK: There wasn’t anything in particular that you didn’t like? [Shakes head]Okay.

KK: So now I want to ask you a question about the layout. So do you feel like the website was easy or hard to use? Like the layout of the site?

6B4: Kinda hard.

KK: It was hard? Why?

6B4: Because, um, I don’t know just hard.

KK: Okay. How about you Alyssa?

6G3: You should like make the names shorter, so like if like miss something you have to start all over again.

KK: Make the what shorter?

6G3: Like make the title how I have to like type it in.

KK: Okay so make it easier to search for topics?

6G3: Yah! [Something along those lines]

KK: Okay how about 6B4?

6B4: Uhh. Didn’t use it really.

KK: Okay. You kind of navigated it during math class. Was it hard to find what she wanted you to look for?

6B4: Uhmm, yea, a little bit. I know how to do it, but it was confusing the way that you had to do it. (5:08). Like if I had to do it every day it would probably be hard for me to memorize it. It was just not like any other website.

KK: I agree, yea. And how about you 6G2? What did you feel about the website, how it was laid out?

6G2: It was hard.

KK: Okay. And what made it hard?

6G2: Um, how it was set up.

KK: Okay. What about the video. It was just the black screen and it had multi with colorful writing on it.

6B4: How does he make it so neat if it’s so neat?

KK: Because he was writing it

6B5: There’s a pad that you can buy to go along with your computer

KK: Exactly it’s like an iPad. He writes on the iPad while recording to turn it into a video.

6B4: Oh

KK: So did you guys like that? 6G2, what did you feel about that?


KK: Think about other videos that might provide information, they’re more, they might show a person talking, they might be more dimensional. What did you feel about the black screen with just the multicolored writing? (6:19)

6G2: It was easier.

KK: What made it easier?

6G2: It had a lot of colors [hard to catch ending] that you copy from it?

KK: So that helped you guide you through it?

6B4: Yea. Same thing. I was gunna say that too.

KK: You feel the same way 6B4?

6G3: What was the question?

KK: [Repeats question]

6G3: I think it’s cool.

KK: Like eye catching type of thing?

6G3: Yea. It was like a rainbow

KK: Like a rainbow, it was like a rainbow.

6G3: Yea…

KK: Were the videos easy to understand? 6B5, I don’t think you actually watched any videos yet. So were the videos easy to understand 6B4?

6B4: Yea.

KK: Okay.

6B4: It made it easier for me to understand the problem.

KK: How about you 6G3?

6G3: Yea.

KK: Okay and was there anything particular about why they were easier to understand?

6G3: Wait, what?

KK: Why were they easier to understand?

6G3: He didn’t go super-fast, he went slow and it was understandable. Say like if you didn’t understand word that he said, he’d tell you what it means.

KK: Okay.

6G3: So yea…

KK: Good. How about you 6G2? (7:40)

6G2: The same as 6G3

KK: The same as 6G3? You found it easy to understand? Okay so my next question is Did the worksheets, I always gave you a worksheet that you completed when watching the video. Did you feel that completing the worksheet when you watched the video did that help you understand the video better at all? 6G3, do you want to start with this one?

6G3: Yea it did!

KK: Okay. How did it help you?

6G3: Wait, what?

KK: Imagine you watched the video and you didn’t have the worksheet in front of you. Then I gave you a worksheet that went along with the video. Did that help you?

6G3: Well I liked how I got to take notes while it does it cause like if you had to watch it then take notes like you might forget.

KK: So you were able to capture a thought as you were going along.

6G3: Yea.

KK: How about you 6G2? What did you feel about that?

6G2: I liked taking the notes.

KK: Okay

6B4: It was kind of hard cause we had to memorize it and I’d forget.

KK: So you found it hard to watch it and write stuff down at the same time?

6B4: Well you said what if I hadn’t given you a worksheet then after I watched it I gave you the worksheet.

KK: Oh! So your saying if I had saved the worksheet for after the video it would have been harder. By giving it to you during the video that was helpful to you then, because you were able to write notes as you watched.

KK: Okay if you used Khan Academy in the future, would you rather, wait actually let me ask you a question I wanted to add here. How did you feel about the practice problems, the five in a row? Did you guys like that? How about you 6B5? You did the five in a row?

6B5: Umm, yea.

KK: You liked doing the practice problems on the computer?

And one aspect you might not have experienced was that if you got one wrong, you had to restart.

6B4: Oh yea. I hated that cause it was so hard cause if you got one wrong you had to start all over.

KK: 6G2, what did you feel about the five in a row? (10:35)

6G2: It was fun.

KK: You found it fun?

6G2: UhHuh.

KK: Was it a challenge?

6G2: UhHuh

KK: And if you got it right it was like Bum Boom You got it! kind of thing?

6G3: Yea.

KK: How about you 6G3?

6G3: Wait what’s the question?

KK: [Repeated question].

6G3: Y-E-S. Yes. (10:53)

KK: You liked it?

6G3: I loved it!

KK: What did you like about it?

6G3: It was fun.

KK: You found it fun like 6G2 did?

6G3: Yea!

KK: What was fun about it?

6G3: Stuff!

KK: Stuff? That’s very descriptive 6G3, I’m proud of you.

6B5: it was more of a challenge to do it.

KK: It was more of a challenge?

6B5: Like if you got one wrong you had to do it all over again.

6G3: Yea.

6B5: Instead of on a different thing it would only get you one wrong for that question.

KK: Right. And then it would just look at your total.

6B5: Yea.

KK: Another student that I work with said the same thing. He wished it was just a general test, then you would get 4/5 or something like that. And you wouldn’t have to redo them all.

KK: So in the future, when you use Khan Academy, would you rather just watch the video portion, or the practice section or both? In the future what would you like to do? 6G2, let’s start with you.

6G2: both.

KK: So you like the whole set up?

6G2: Yea.

KK: Okay why? What makes you say that?

6G2: It was easier.

KK: Okay. Then doing paper and pencil? Or…than what?

6G2: Paper and pencil.

KK: Okay. 6G3, how about you?

6G3: I like all of them because like it’s good to write and it’s good to watch.

KK: So you like practicing on the computer and watching it.

6G3: Yes! You got it right!

KK: Good. (12:35) How about you 6B4?

6B4: Which one did I like?

KK: Yea, like if you could choose. If you just choose doing five in a row, or watching the video, which one would you choose? Or both?

6B4: Neither.

KK: Neither? Okay and you just didn’t like them?

6B4: No.

KK: Okay. How about you what would you choose?

6B5: Uh, I’d choose like both cause I’m more of a visual learner type of person so…

KK: So seeing it on the screen…Did any of you guys use the hints ever? You know how it had …

6B4: I used those! I really like didn’t get it all

6G3: I wrote everything, the thing that was on there.

KK: I know. You’re really good at note taking.

6G3: You’re welcome.

KK: So the hints, did you use them, or find them helpful?

6G2, 6G3: No

6B5: I didn’t get to the video part yet.

6B4: No way.

KK: But in class when you were doing the 5 in a row, there was a button that said something like “Need a hint?” Did you use that?

6G3: Nope Nope, Nopity Nope Nope. Like if you say Make a hint, Like if you make it say, give a hint. You barely get it done

[Loudspeaker interruption].

KK: … We were talking about hints. Is that what we were talking about? You were talking about why you didn’t like that for some reason and why you didn’t like hints.

6G3: Wait what’s the question?

KK: Why you don’t like the hints. You were saying you don’t like the hints.

6G3: Oh yea. Cause if you take a hint, you don’t learn. Like it mostly gives it to you. It gives you the answer.

KK: Interesting.

6G3: Yea.

KK: So now these are like more general questions about just coming here and getting extra math help. What do you guys like best about getting extra math help? (15:05)

6G3: I like math.

KK: You like math. Let’s start with 6B4 then we’ll go to 6B5.

6B4: What?

KK: What do you like best about getting extra math help?

6B4: I don’t know.

KK: Do you not like anything? Mixed feelings?

6B3: Um. {Shrugged?]

KK: Actually I lied. I’m going to 6G2 next.

6G2: It makes it easier when you go to math class.

KK: Okay so sort of the skills you learn help you in math class.

6G2: Yea

KK: How about you?

6B5: After coming here, and then having to go to math class, like she said, with like the um…what was that?


6B5: LCM! Yea…I was very confused at first cause I didn’t know what to do for LCM (15:58) or GCF when I jotted them down in the class thing and after coming here I knew all about that and I’m learning new subjects and as in math class she would just tell you how to do it only one way and it would be hard for me to process it. Then If I came here and it would be five different other ways to learn it

KK: Right. Like I would give the Brute force method, and the prime factorization method.

6B5: Right.

KK: How about you 6G3?

6G3: I like it because I get smarter at math and people probably think I’m smart.

KK: Cause you are smart.

6G3: Thanks.

KK: If you could change anything about coming to SRBI math, getting extra math help, what would it be? Let’s start with you 6G3 since you went last last time.

6G3: Okay (16:50). Wait what was the question?

KK: [Repeats question].

6G3: It would be fractions. Because I don’t really like fractions that much.

KK: So just not learning about fractions? Just throwing those under the bus?

6G3: Yea. I hate those things.

6B5: I hate them.

KK: Okay. How about you 6G2?

6G2: Um. Nothing.

KK: You wouldn’t change anything? How about you 6B4? Cause last time you were like ehh, so what would you like to change to make it better?

6B4: Um I would want to change fractions just like she said.

KK: So you guys just don’t like fractions? You know what I think we’re going to learn about next? Lots of fractions!

Collective: Nooo! Ugghh!

KK: So you learn to love them. How about you 6B5?

6B5: Geez. Um. I think when we go to mentors they give us like a snack; I think you should do that.

KK: I should give you a snack more often?

6G3: Yea!

6B5: Because then we’ll actually want to learn.

6G3: Yea he’s right because it would wake us up more!

6B4: Yea like my Mentor teacher brought in a snack…pretzels and juice packs.

KK: But that’s different because mentors are once a month and I see you guys every week. (18:27)

6G3: You could bring snack once a week.

KK: … Sometimes the topics that we learned here overlapped in what you were learning in class. Did you find this beneficial or helpful? Was it ever confusing? And why? I’ll start with you 6B4.

6B4: I didn’t really get the question.

KK: [Repeats question]

6B4: In the middle I think.

KK: So sometimes it confused me and sometimes it helped.

6B4: Yea

6G3: Okay well I liked it especially the factor trees. I think it was the funnest…

6B5: Same here.

6G3: And anytime I get the right, I feel like I’m getting better at math. Because any time I divide it only takes me like a second.

KK: Okay so doing similar skills here as in math class that makes you faster?

6G3: Yea.

KK: Okay. How about you 6G2?

6G2: It was helpful.

KK: Because…?

6G2: Because it made it easier in math class.

KK: Okay and how about you 6B5?

6B5: Um. What was it?

KK: You kind of mentioned already addressed this before the overlap of topics here and in math class, you kind of mentioned that.

6B5: Oh yea I think that was helpful a lot because there’s not just one way to learn it. There’s multiple. That’s it.

KK: Okay. So if you could choose being taught through Khan Academy or direct instruction so either using the video and 5 in a row or using paper and pencil where I would teach you a skill then you would practice it. Which one would you chose. 6G2? And why.

6G2: (21:16) Um. Khan Academy.

KK: Okay and what did you like about Khan Academy?

6G2: It was fun.

KK: How about you 6G3?

6G3: Um. What was it?

KK: Khan Academy or the direct instruction

6G3: I liked the video because then you actually got to copy it. And just saying no offense when you do it I barely get any help because I really can’t understand you sometimes.

KK: Thank you 6G3. So I need to be clearer in my instruction then?

6G3: Yea cause sometimes you talk fast cause like the bell is about to ring your like [speed talked nonsense].

KK: Okay so sometimes I wrap things up a little too fast for you?

6G3: Oh God yea.

KK: I’ll keep that in mind then.

6G3: cause like when you say oh 6G3 time to go and we’ll do this next time and even before the bell to get it over with

KK: I do talk fast anyways. I’m a fast talker.

6G3: Yea and I don’t want it to be like, like if I were you I would be like [said slower] Hi kids what’s up! Like that slower

KK: So I should talk slower [said very slow]

6G3: Oh God yea

KK: Okay. How about you, answered the question, so why don’t you answer the questions next 6B5? [Said deliberately slower].

6B5: Okay. I would prefer the pencil and paper

KK: Okay and why?

6B5: Because like the video it’s kind of a little cheating because you can just copy it down. And they don’t really, some videos that I’ve looked up before, they pause it and put up a multiple choice and you have to click it to play the video.

KK: Oh so it’s like interactive?

6B5: Yea (23:33) and with Khan Academy it just tells you it and you can copy it down and you’re not really remembering it. You kind of just want to get it done.

KK: Right your just filling out the worksheet. How about you 6B4?

6B4: Um. Pencil and paper.

KK: and why

6B4: I don’t know. I just like it better.

KK: Do you guys have any last things to say before I wrap up the interview?

6G3: I have one last thing.

KK: What do you have to say 6G3?

6G3: Bye

KK: Okay.

6G3: No wait. Bye Ms. Seehoegreenie! I mean Ms. Kehoegreen! (24:29)



Interview 3:

6G1, 6B3 and KK

Date and Time: Wednesday November 20, 2013, 10:40 am


KK: Okay my first question is about direct instruction where I gave you, I modeled the problem then used pencil and paper. 6G1, I think you did it more recently and 6B3, you just started it or did you do it in the beginning?

6B3: What?

KK: Let me find your thing. Yea, you did it in the beginning. Paper and pencil in the beginning, what did you like best about that about using paper and pencil?

6G1: Um I could figure the problem out on the paper instead of using a calculator or just MENTALLY.

KK: Okay How about you 6B3?

6B3: I just using the paper.

KK: You like having the concrete paper in front of you

6B3: Creative

KK: Creative? You feel you’re more creative when you have..?

Okay that’s an interesting answer. What makes you more creative?

6B3: Hm. Um. What?

KK: That’s okay. We can get back to it.

What did you not like about it? About me teaching you directly then completing practice problems using practice problems?

6G1: Sometimes it could take longer to do.

KK: MmHmm. Sometimes it did take longer. How about you 6B3?

6B3: I don’t know.

KK: Did it take you a long time to do paper and pencil?

6B3: Yea

KK: Was that frustrating to you ever?

6B3: MmHmm.

KK: Why? What was it?

6B3: Well, not really.

KK: It just took a while?

6B3: MmHmm.

KK: Um these are questions about Khan Academy. What do you like about the instruction on Khan Academy?

6G1: It showed you how to do the problems. Like how to work it out.

KK: Okay. How about you. What did you like best about using Khan Academy?

6B3: Um. I have no clue.

KK: You didn’t like anything? So Khan Academy was when you watched the video then you did the five in a row.

6B3: Oh Yea! I liked that!

KK…practice problems. What did you like about that?

6B3: It was fun.

KK: You found it fun.

6B3: that’s one of my favorite things about here. Plus FasttMath.

KK: So do you like using the computer then?

6B3: Yea.

KK: So you like that type of format?

6B3: Yea.

KK: Okay. So was there anything you didn’t like about Khan Academy 6B3?

6B3: No.

KK: Did you ever get one wrong in the five in a row?

6B3: No. (2:38)

KK: How about you 6G1?

6G1: I can’t really think of anything. Because it helped me with prime factors. So I can’t really think of why I didn’t like it.

KK: Okay let’s talk a little bit about the actual website. Did you find the website easy to use? Like did you find the topics easy to find? 6B3? On the website

6B3: MmHmm.

KK: You found it easy to use?

6B3: MmHm.

KK: How about you 6G1? (3:16).

6G1: It was easy to use.

KK: How about the videos themselves? Do you remember what the videos were like 6B3? The videos were just a black, hey buddy look at me, there was a black screen then it just had writing on it…

6B3: Yea I just watched the one where it was a black screen and he wrote chalk on it.

KK: Exactly. They were all like that, right 6G1?

6G1: Yea but it wasn’t chalk it was like a pen.

KK: Yea it was a weird pen on what looked like a chalkboard.

6G1: I saw a commercial for it, where he would be behind it and write on it.

KK: Right. Did you like that 6B3?

6B3: MmHmm.

KK: And it just had his voice in the background being like “Blah Blah Blah”

6B3: Yeah.

KK: You liked the format? How about you 6G1 did you like it?

6G1: Yeah. Because he showed you how to do it.

KK: Were the videos easy to understand then? What do you think 6B3? Did you ever get confused by them? (4:19)

6B3: No. Not even once yet.

KK: Wow. That’s good. How about you?

6G1: They were easy to use.

KK: Now I gave you a worksheet every time that you watched the video. Was that helpful completing the worksheet as you watched the video? Or did it make it more complicated? What did you feel?

6B3: It made it bit hard to keep pace.

KK: Why?

6B3: Um. I don’t know.

KK: Was it hard for you to watch the video and fill out the worksheet at the same time?

6B3: Kind of. What I like to do is stop it and then write.

KK: Okay so that’s how you adjusted. I know some kids re-watched it .So you would stop it and watch it

6B3: Then stop and watch and whatever thing he writes that you tell me to write I’d stop the video then write then stop the video then write.

KK: Good. How about you? Did you find the worksheets helpful or…

6G1: Yea because usually I liked to rewind it and then go over everything

KK: Okay so having the worksheet there….It was also a guide, having the worksheet there because I know when I was watching the videos initially I got kind of lost in them so I wanted to give you that as a guide for what I wanted you to get out of the video (5:41).

So now I have a question for you. How about the 5 in a row. Did you like the 5 in a row?

6G1: Um, yea because it helped me understand it more.

KK: Doing the practice questions?

6G1: Yea. And if you got one wrong you had to do another one.

KK: You had to do 5 more again.

6G1: Yea and then I felt that it was helpful.

KK: Why was it helpful to you?

6G1: Because Um it’s not pushing you to do it, it’s just guiding you through it.

KK: Okay. And at the end did you feel like Now I really know how to do it kind of thing?

6G1: yea.

KK: Okay how about you 6B3? Did you like 5 in a row?

6B3: Yeah.

KK: What did you like about it?

6B3: I don’t know. I just liked it. I like math. Math is my favorite subject.

6G1: Mine too.

KK: Really? Good! That’s fantastic. Was it too hard ever? Was it easy? Was it too easy?

6B3: Yea. That unit was a little easy for me.

KK: Okay. So in the future, if we used Khan Academy here, would you just use the video portion, the five in a row practice problems or do both?

6G1: I would do both.

6B3: MmHmm.

KK: You would both do both?

6G1: Because he shows you how to do it then you have a chance to do it.

KK: Okay. And if it was just 5 in a row. I might teach you how to do it and instead of doing paper and pencil I would have you go on there.

So these are some more general questions. 6B3, what do you like best about getting extra math, about coming here?

6B3: I like the extra math help.

KK: What kind? I helped you a little with your homework sometimes. I helped you with the topics, the specific skills. What about it?

6B3: I don’t really know that much. I like it very much. I don’t know why.

KK: So just in general? You have a good feeling about it?

6B3: Yea.

KK: Okay. How about you 6B1?

6B1: I like it because we cover it more often than when we do it in class.

KK: Okay so do you mean we take more time than in class?

6G1: Yea we take more time on things and sometimes we start it before we do it in class so I really know how to do it.

KK: Right and there was overlap a little there. I’m going to ask you a question about that coming up.

If you could change anything about coming here getting extra math help what would it be and why? It could be anything.

6G1: I’d change the time I come because sometimes like in health I was working on certain projects and I missed one of them and that was a partner project and we were presenting and my friend kind of did all the work because we were doing a PowerPoint and we didn’t get to finish it and she didn’t call me and tell me that she was making a poster so she did almost all the work and I wanted to present it with her.

KK: Okay. Was that the time I excused you to present because you had to get graded on it? So there is kind of a conflict when there is a conflict balancing out partner projects and homework… How about you 6B3? If you could change anything about coming here, getting extra math help, what would it be?

6B3: I don’t know.

KK: Would you like to change nothing, something, or everything?

6B3: Nothing.

KK: Okay. You like it the way it is?

This is kind of going back to what you said 6G1. Sometimes the topics overlapped with what you did in class. Did you find this helpful or was this ever confusing and why?

6G1: It was helpful because we covered it more because I was working on it ahead of the class.

KK: right I think it was LCM and GCF you were a little ahead. So you went into class and…

6G1: I already knew how to do it.

KK: How about you 6B3? Did that ever happen with you? Was there ever overlap with what we did here and what we did in class?

6B3: MmHmm.

KK: Did you find that helpful?

6B3: MmHmm. Well kind of. Because I already know it but I don’t like it having reviewed again and going back to the beginning in here and with Mrs. ___ (math teacher)

KK: So maybe you thought it was too much?

6B3: well what I’m trying to say is like you know how I did a whole unit with Mrs. ___ then I have to go back and do it again here?

KK: Well what happens is that I gave you a pretest before you start the topic so that way if you have covered it in class and already know how to do it…

6G1: Then we just skip over that topic.

KK: Right, We just skip over that topic. So if I give you a pretest and you know how to do it, then we just skip over that topic. If you don’t know how to do it even if you already covered it in class, if maybe you’re still struggling with it, that gives us extra time to go back to it and revisit it.

6B3: Oh.

KK: See what I’m saying?

6B3: Like you did yesterday right? Some of them had prime factmultiplication

KK: Wait, yesterday? Did we meet yesterday?

6B3: No I meant Monday!

KK: Okay, Oh! You mean like the post-[assessment]? That’s a little bit different. That’s like seeing what you’ve learned over that past two and a half months.

6B3: And it had prime factmultiplication (what it sounds like he says)

KK: Yes, it had prime factorization and multiplication. And the last question is (12:28) if you could choose being taught either through khan Academy or direct instruction what would you choose and why?

6G3: I’d choose both because they’ll teach you more about the topic. Like Khan Academy might go over things that just teaching it to you didn’t. And then teaching it to you directly might teach you things Khan Academy didn’t.

KK: So you’re saying that overlap you get it reinforced.

6G1: Yea.

KK: Okay. But let’s say I gave you a lesson on equivalent fractions and I let you choose whether you’d use Khan Academy or I’ d teach you directly where I give you a model problem then you would do practice problems on paper and pencil, what would you do?

6G1: I’d use direct but then maybe if I get home and I have time I might use Khan Academy.

KK: Okay so maybe you want to use direct instruction to teach you then use Khan Academy for practice to mix it up?

6G1: Yea.

KK: Okay. How about you 6B3? What one would you rather do? Khan Academy or direct instruction?

6B3: What’s the direct instruction?

KK: Direct instruction was when you had, a worksheet like this (show him the control worksheets as an example) and I would model the problem then you would do practice problems. Then Khan Academy…

6B3: I like both of them.

KK: Both? Well let’s say we’re going to learn about equivalent fractions. What would you choose?

6B3: Both still.

KK: You would mix it together? Do a little of both like 6G1?

6B3: Yea. Wait no.

KK: See how you have the video or I instruct you. And here you do five in a row, and here you do the practice problems. So if you could choose, it’s either Option A or Option B, video or me instructing you then you have to choose either the five in a row or the practice problems on paper. What would you choose?

6B3: Video.

KK: Then what about for the practice?

6B3: Five in a row.

KK: Okay so then you see how you chose Khan Academy.

6B3. Oh.

KK: Okay that was my last question. Does anyone have anything they would to add or say that they thought of?

6G1: I don’t.

6B3: No.

KK: Okay then we are all done.



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