Technology Platform

All schools and teachers should:

1) Provide 1:1 computer technology for students whether that be in the form of laptops or iPads. IPads offer the benefit of teachers being able to more easily monitor the students (Lever-Duffy & McDonald, 2011). Currently at the state level, most schools have 2.5 students per computer and in the school where I am working, there are 2.4 students per computer (CT State Department of Education, 2010).

2) Provide wireless internet for all classrooms and staff. The wireless internet should be made available to students and teacher, with more removable limitations on students’ access. Across the state 98.4 percent of computers in schools have internet access. In the school where I work, 100 percent of the computers have internet access (CT State Department of Education, 2010).

3) Administrators, teachers and paraprofessionals should receive technology training each year in a technology application they are interested in, be it a program, software, or device. This training is to be included as a part of professional days. In addition teachers and administrators should be made aware of technology training offered online. An example of this includes SMARTBoard training and iPad training. SMARTBoard offers online training in the form of Live Online Training and Distance Education program. It offers courses on SMART Board interactive whiteboard, as well as courses for other SMART products such as Slate, Podium and Response (SMARTTech, 2012). Apple offers training and information on their products through PDFs entitled ” Getting Started with Apple iOS Devices” which provides information for teachers and educators on how to use iPad, iPod touch, and iTunes, which includes the programs the devices come with as well as information on downloading apps (Apple, 2012). Also, on iTunes there are also tutorials on how to use the iPad for educators (Godwin, 2012).If teachers would prefer a more structured setting, districts can offer these classes as a group, using the courses and tutorials as a guide for instruction.

4) Teachers and administrators all have personal emails and websites where they can post news, assignments, reminders, celebrations, and grades. Teachers can also use their websites to communicate with students. Students can also submit and post assignments to the website which teachers can review before the students meet for the day. One way of ensuring all students have time to post the assignments is to give students two days to post.

5) Provide monitored before and after-school access to computers for students who need additional access to the internet, computers, or specific software.

6) Teachers provide and students have access to websites that support curriculum outside of school, which they can use to assist themselves with homework and studying for tests and quizzes.

7) Committees should develop and provide a list of go-to technologies teachers can use within content areas and with specific topics in each content area, making it easier for teachers to incorporate technology with specific lessons on a regular basis. It saves teachers time from search for basic reputable sites and sources. These lists should be adapted with changes in sites and technology.


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