ISTE Self Assessment

After completing the ISTE Technology Facilitators Preparation Self-Assessment, I have a greater understanding of my own preparation as an educational technology leader. There were only a few items I scored myself a nine, being TF-III.A. 5.  “Use methods and strategies for teaching concepts and skills that support use of media-based tools such as television,  audio, print media, and graphics” as well as TF-III.B.1:  “Use methods and strategies for integrating technology resources that support the needs of diverse learners including adaptive and assistive technology” and  TF-IV.C.2. “Examine and apply the results of a research project that includes evaluating the use of a specific technology in a P-12 environment.” I have experienced implementing technology based instruction and using the instruction to adapt to students needs as well as assistive technology for students who need it.

Areas which I need to improve are the category of TF-VI, TF-VII, and TF-VIII. TF-VI deals with “Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues” where “educational technology facilitators understand the social, ethical, legal, and human issues surrounding the use of technology in P-12 schools and assist teachers in applying that understanding in their practice.” TF-VII deals with “Procedures, Policies, Planning and Budgeting for Technology Environments” where “Educational technology facilitators promote the development and implementation of technology infrastructure, procedures, policies, plans, and budgets for P-12 schools.” TF-VIII is related to “Leadership and Vision” where “Educational technology facilitators will contribute to the shared vision for campus integration of technology and foster an environment and culture conducive to the realization of the vision.” All three areas deal with the teacher in the leadership role in the school, assisting, guiding and creating infrastructure for teachers in their technology use. In my current role, creating infrastructure would be inappropriate. Although, I do often assist and guide teachers in smaller day to day instances for technology use, on the larger scale I do not implement plans or provide teachers with professional development in areas of need. For example, under TF-VI, it states “1.   Develop strategies and provide professional development at the school/classroom level for teaching social, ethical, and legal issues and responsible use of technology” which mentions that key professional development piece that I have yet to do. Additionally, under TF-VII, it details “1.Use plans to configure software/computer/technology systems and related peripherals in laboratory, classroom cluster, and other appropriate instructional arrangements” and again, this is not my role as a SRBI interventionist and it would be inappropriate for me to configure the technology systems.

To strengthen my skills in these areas, there are several items I can do: one, would be a change in job where I am in more of a technology leadership role. Another more feasible and short term solution would be to join the technology team. Earlier this year, the principal offered to anyone interested to join the technology team to evaluate the schools current technology situation and plan for the future. At the time, I was unable to join do to other commitments but going forward I could join this team. Another option would be to receive more professional development myself, then offer professional development to teachers interested to pass on the knowledge I have gained.

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ISTE technology facilitators preparation self-assessment


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