Welcome to my ePortfolio!


I started this site as a portfolio for my undergraduate internship, but it has evolved into an electronic record of my major academic accomplishments, including being my portfolio for my M.S. in Educational Technology.

Table of Contents:

Curricular Project
Graduate Experiences
EDU 508: Research In Education
EDU 511: Learning & Teaching: Concepts and Models
EDU 553: Computers in the Classroom and the Curriculum
EDU 556: Technology Aplications In Mathematics
EDU 557: International and Cross-Cultural Education
EDU 577: Educational Computing -Theory and Practice


EDU 612: Assistive Technology
EDU 621: Supervision of Teaching and Learning with Technology
EDU 622 Administrative Applications of Educational Technology
EDU 696 Research and Readings
Undergraduate Experiences
EDU 411: Mathematics Electronic Portfolio 
EDU 467/470: Student Teaching and Education Seminar
EES 491:Educational Outreach on Sustainability and Energy
HIS 400: Immigration and Ethnicity in Connecticut Seminar
Plan of Study
Philosophy of Education
Matrix of Standards
Professional Goals
Matrix of Standards

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